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Damp masonry

Damp walls, salt efflorescence in plasterwork and mould in living areas. Lots of buildings and homeowners have the same problem nowadays: damp in their own four walls. However, the reasons can vary greatly and can only be quickly identified by a well-trained eye.

Rising damp from the earth (capillary rising damp), which slowly penetrates into the masonry, is the main problem in lots of buildings. Gently treating and addressing this problem is therefore the basis of reinstating a healthy living environment.

We set ourselves the target of analysing the reasons for your damp masonry and providing excellent support with addressing the problem - simple, gentle and with guaranteed success.

Wet Walls...

  • Create favourable conditions for mould and salt efflorescence in plasterwork
  • Have a negative influence on your indoor climate and health
  • Reduce heat insulation and therefore increase your heating costs
  • Destroy the existing building structure
  • Reduce the value of your property